Love is......

Love is miracle,
When it fulfilled with some condition-
Right person, right space, right timeframe.

Love is anguish,
When you meet the right one in the wrong time,
Or the right one in the wrong space.

Love is simple,
When you found someone who love you,
And someone you really love with.

Love is intricacy,
When you are in the triangle,
Or in the vagueness.

Love is magic,
When you are in lovestruck,
Everything sparkling in your eyes.

Love is sorriness,
When the love between you both,
Simply habit or distance.

Love is forever,
When you determined to wend,
With the only one in your lifetime.

Love is history,
When you both asleep in the switch,
And fate will never return again.


4 則留言:

Cartman 說...

Love is simple =)

ky_sky 說...


Love can be so simple, but also can be so complex.

yellow come 說...

cinta cinta cinta, kamu ada di mana? cari kamu di merata tempat, satu kali tak muncul juga.

ky_sky 說...

yellow come:

Eh, u punya cinta sudah muncul. Kalau nak cari lagi, tak takut dik Salji tarik telinga??