Touching Poem

Sorry for making you worried,
Sorry for not taking myself well,
Sorry for everything I said stupid words,
Sorry for disturbing you,
Sorry for troubling you,

Sorry I’m not being perfect friend,
Sorry I’m being childish,
Sorry I’m not take care you well,

Forgive me for everything.....

Thank you for your caring,
Thank you for your helpful,
Thank you for your generous heart,
Thank you for your forgiveness,
Thank you for your unselfishness displays,

Thank you for being my 9 years old friend,
Thank you for being my 9 years best friend,
Thank you for being my 9 years true friend,

Thank you for everything what you did.......
Caring you because love you,
Disturbing you because love you,
Troubling you because love you,
Making you smile always because love you,
Being your true friend because love you,

Love and friendship forever......

Poem from: http://jishushie.blogspot.com
Pic from: http://pic.wenwen.soso.com


Today morning, a big suprise for me---a "love poem" from my ex-room mate, JC.

Touching, a warm stream flooded my heart. More touching than other love poems I received before. This is the most. Especially a sentimental "love poem" from a tough lady, made it more meaningful than others.

If she is a guy, I will definately fall in love, just like love blind. :p

Yup, I am the lucky one. I am the happiest one. Even if she is at the outermost planet, she will always at the innermost of my heart.

Although I am talkative, but this moment, I am speechless. Because of you...... Thanks, JC! :)

5 則留言:

Jisushie 說...

wah!!!! my poem published at your blog!!!... so fast my poem will spread to everyone to read... so shy le.....:D

anywhere thanks for your supporting!!! muakzzzz.......

剑魔.令狐冲 說...

Very touching indeed*

Real Friendship expression*

jes143880 說...

y long time din't update ur blog?? busy leh.... busy for wat leh??

jes143880 說...

y long time din't update ur blog?? busy leh.... busy for wat leh??

ky_sky 說...

I am the one who should say thanks! Cheer for our long-lasting friendship! :)

Thanks! :)

Just upload new article, thanks for your "loyal" support! :p