You are my angel

Once upon a time
Archangel in the sky
Made a cover every night

Once upon a time
The angel loved me so
It's a miracle
In the snow, my heart won't be cold

My Dear
You are my angel
Tell me what you know
Something should be told

My Dear
You are my angel
Tell me where you go
I will prance behind your flow

Once upon a time
My angel gave me life

Singer: Loretta Chow
Composer: Vinci

First of all, wish a big thank you to all my lovely friends. Thank you! :)

After 8-days stay in Hospital Bagan Specialist, finally i am back to my sweet home on Valentine's Day. My slip disc conditions are going well after the physio-treatment, and the physio-treatment is still on-going.

During my stay in hospital, I really enjoy this song--"You are my angel". JUST LIKE WHAT AM I WISHING TO TELL U ALL--YOU ARE MY ANGEL!

Really thanks for your warmest solicitude. I am touched with all your greeting, blessing and love, just like a warm stream in my heart......

Once again, thank you! May be i really need a longer rest. :)

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tongkai 說...

建議你做Occupational Theraphy,檳城中央醫院有這種治療。

vy 說...


ky_sky 說...

小妹目前接受的就是occupational theraphy。昨天刚买了tens机器,所以在家也可自行做复健。谢谢关心! :)

你是那名美女前同业吧~?谢谢关心! :)