Drive Me Ahead

These two weeks, busy with my reading. Read lots of books and references, just because I need to present on this coming Thursday (28/9).

Tension? Not actually. Worry more than tension, worry the Prof. unsatisfied with my work (because Prof.Zaharom is actually 'famous' with his rigolous requires), worry another team will beat me because I am alone (because another team is fulltime, and they are all together 3 persons), worry it will affects my final result (this presentation is 30%)......

Superadd, my two computers already retired for more than half year, I need to find around to get a computer which has MicrosoftWord and PowerPoint. But, luckily I have a future brother-in-law, and his computer need to 'sacrifice' eventually.

Also thanks god I have some good colleagues, just like CrazyAng. He originally took leave on Tuesday, but because I need to take for preparation, he give way to me. And also another two colleagues which not from reporting department, lend me some books.

I still remember what the Dean told us in the orientation week, "Master and PHd are actually endless solitude ways, you always need to depand on yourself. No one can helps you."

For me, although the way is endless, but not solitude with the presence of supports surrounding me. Wish me luck, and may your support does drive me ahead. #